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What is a Tribute?

A Tribute is an individual webpage where friends and family, near or far, can upload and share special memories and celebrate a loved one's life in a very personal way. It can hold photos, music, videos or memories - like an online memory box - it is also possible to light a candle, make donations or use the page for events and fundraising.

Winston's Wish

Giving hope to grieving children.

Winston's Wish supports children, young people and their families after the death of a parent or sibling. This is one of the most devastating and traumatic situations a child can face, but with the right support at the right time children can lead full and flourishing lives.

A society in which every child can get the help they need when someone close to them dies.

- To listen when a child is grieving
- To act when a child needs our help
- To know what to say when it is time to talk

Parents and professionals can call our Helpline on for on-going support and advice. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. 08088 020 021

For parents and professionals, visit; For young people, visit

Professionals can access our training to ensure bereaved children get the support they need. Visit

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A Tribute to Gemma

Winston's Wish supported Matthew and his two young daughters after his wife, Gemma, died of cancer.  Gemma's sister set up a tribute to her memory.
"Winston's Wish gave Matthew and the girls such wonderful support after her death that I want to do all I can to help other families who find themselves in the same position we were in. Setting up this tribute fund for Gemma is a wonderful way of remembering her and, just as importantly, enables us to give back to an organisation which was invaluable in helping the whole family since Gemma's death."